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!!!Handbook of Modal Logic!!!
The Four Color Theorem

Remembering Raymond Smullyan
April 27, 2017, from 4 to 6:30pm
an event for his friends and admirers

Computational Logic; A 70th Birthday Celebration Honoring Melvin Fitting, Video of the Conference

Cut Elimination Slides 2017: Slides given at the Artemov seminar, February 2017.

Helsinki 2016: Slides for a talk given in Helsinki, Finland, May 2016.

ESSLLI 2012: Slides for a talk given in Opole, Poland, August 2012.

Herbrand Award speech: This was delivered in Manchester at the CADE/IJCAR conference, June 26, 2012. [The parts in square brackets were extemporaneous additions to the written text.]



Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Emeritus)
Lehman College
Bronx, NY

Departments of Computer Science, Philosophy, and Mathematics (Emeritus)
The Graduate School and University Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4309

Graduate Center room 4330
(formerly 4411)
(phone 212 817-8653)

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