Phil 76600

Phil 76500, Spring 2018

Non-Classical Logics

Class Schedule: Tuesday, 11:45 - 1:45, Room 6421.

Recommended (but not required) Textbook: An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic, Graham Priest.

Instructor: Melvin Fitting

Course Description:

Course Notes

Some of these notes are directly about what we discuss in class. This is the first batch, Primary Course Notes. Some involve extras that you can read if you are interested, but you don't have to. These are in the second batch, Additional Material.

Primary Course Notes

  1. Slides about classical tableaus
  2. Intuitionistic logic tableaus
  3. Intuitionistic tableau aoundness and completeness
  4. Modal Semantics
  5. Destructive Modal Tableaus 1
  6. Destructive Modal Tableaus 2
  7. Modal Consequence
  8. Non-Normal Worlds
  9. The Lewis Systems
  10. Proving Axiomatic Unprovability
  11. Three Valued Logics

Additional Material


The homework is to be handed in.

  1. Classical Logic
  2. Intuitionistic Logic I
  3. Intuitionistic Logic II
  4. Modal Logic I
  5. Modal Logic II
  6. Regular Logics
  7. Using Matrices